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Walk With Jesus

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Do you know this song?: "Just a closer walk with thee. Grant it Jesus, is my plea. Daily walking close to thee. Let it be, Dear Lord, Let it Be....". This Hymn has always been a "go to" hum-along when I'm in the shower, cooking dinner, relaxing, stressing, or just simply reflecting on the goodness of the Lord! It continues.... "I am Weak, but Thou Art Strong. Jesus Keep me from all wrong, I'll be satisfied as long, as I walk - Let me walk, Close Thee".

Who are you walking with? (Walking with for exercise?) Walking with in your mind (who/what are thinking about)? Who's walking with you through your pain and sorrows, joys and gladness? Who's your biggest cheerleader or worst hater (friendly-enemy)?

Try walking with Jesus. It's the sweetest, most peaceful "walk" you'll ever have. Daily walking with Him will strengthen all areas of your life: family, finances, health, relationships, casual conversations, work, activities... whatever you are doing. Walking with Jesus makes everything better! He will help you make better decisions, give you tolerance and patience in the midst of trying moments. He is your advocate, healer, way-maker, mind-regulator! Solutions are created as a result of problems. Focus on the solution- don't give power to the problem. When you are facing a difficult time, know that the challenges before you are not sent to destroy you, but to promote, strengthen, increase and raise you to the next level. Walk away from anything that violates your value. Walk towards the peace of God. Walk in the confidence of being created and chosen by God. He has something special set aside for you. He’s going to do something special through you, that He can't do with anyone else but YOU. It is YOUR calling. You’ve been set apart.

God makes the Ordinary turn into Extraordinary. Your life may look ordinary today, but Never underestimate your value and purpose. The enemy uses doubt to paralyze you with fear, so you don't fulfill the purpose of God in your life. I heard it said that "FEAR" is False Evidence Appearing Real. When God gets ready to bless you, don’t expect Him to move in an ordinary way. You may not understand what He is doing, but just have faith and keep Walking with Him.

He’ll bypass protocol to position you for greater; He’ll qualify you in spaces where you don’t feel worthy of the call. Don’t worry about how it looks right now; just get ready. It’s God’s desire for you to enjoy every blessing, benefit, and fullness of favor from Him. He is a good Father with good gifts for you. "Daily the Lord loads you up with His benefits..." (PS. 68:19). Sing unto the Father: "Just a closer walk with Thee, Grant it Jesus, is my plea; Daily walking CLOSE to Thee; Let it Be, Dear Lord, Let it Be!".

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