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Pray, Trust, Lay Your All on the Altar, and Go!

Updated: Feb 1

Sometimes we have to just say Hey!. There's nothing else to say. You're going through what you're going through. Sometimes, You can't do anything to change it. You have to allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. It's okay to feel- that's why we have feelings. It's okay to cry, to feel frustrated, discouraged, angry, hurt, disappointed. It's okay to feel. It's NOT okay to act out inappropriately towards those feelings. Just Don't lose your HOPE, FAITH and TRUST in God. Donnie McClurkin says "I Prayed and Cried, Prayed and Cried". When we were growing up the Elders would say to you, "Let Go and Let God. Put your All on the Altar." We didn't always understand what that meant.

Letting go is hard, but holding on to something that is already gone is torment. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is to be determined. BUT...... you have TODAY! The sweet memories of yesterday will last forever. Cherish them, but also- move forward. The enemy is never on vacation. He's always plotting his next move. He has NO Authority and NO Power, so he tries to get in your head - in your thoughts and mind and disrupt your peace, joy and contentment. He comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy. That's all he's got. He is a defeated foe. He was thrown out of Heaven and so now he wants to see how many of us will join him in hell. Hell IS NOT our home. Not Hell on Earth or eternally.

Heaven is our focus and destination. Don't take a vacation on your prayer life. Pray without Ceasing. In all things, pray! I remember riding in the car with my daddy and he would pray for close parking spaces... and lo and behold a parking spot would open up, right up front! I was amazed as a child. Yet, something as small as this, helped me develop my faith and belief. I remember if you stubbed your toe or got a splinter, my Auntie would immediately go into prayer for the pain to be removed and it would! Our family prayed about everything!

Prayer is a conversation with God. Remember the acronym ACTS: ADORATION -praising and honoring God; CONFESSION - address your wrongs; THANKSGIVING - say what you're grateful about for yourself and others ; SUPPLICATION - make your request/needs known for yourself and others. Don't take a break from prayer. Constantly and consistently pray. Don't allow the enemy ANY room to slip into your mind and take up space. Reject and EVICT him from your mind and tell him that God has Ownership of you and your thoughts. Pay attention- be in-tune with yourself. Recognize when you're having a good day and all of the sudden everything seems to be funky. Your attitude, your mood, your words and behavior, your thoughts and viewpoints... It's all tricks of the enemy. Don't GIVE him any power. Remember, he has none of his own - only what YOU give him. God stripped his powers long ago! Stay Alert- Proverbs 4:23, "Guard your heart and your mind for everything you do, flows from it!"

Nothing happens by accident. God is directing every step. Even if He did not send the storm, you better believe, He is in control of the storm! TRUST Him even though the winds are blowing and the storms are raging. Your soul must be anchored in the proven record of the Lord. Stay in Faith and KNOW that everything is going to work out according to God's plan. "We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed." (see 2 Corinthians 4:8-9).

Pray about everything. Worry about Nothing. When you are overwhelmed, God is not. While you're trying to figure it out, He has already worked it out. He knows exactly what He is doing. You really don't have to know and understand everything as long as you are following God who knows all things. Nothing is a surprise to God. He knows the end from the beginning. He has equipped you and YOU CAN MAKE IT. A storm cannot stop what God has purposed.

God has chosen you to accomplish good works. You’re not just a dot on a map, occupying space on the Earth; you’re a person of purpose and destiny. Keep dreaming. Keep Believing. Keep Trusting. When God favors you, even your enemies will bless you. Divine connections will be established to bring you into the place of peace and promise. Be Blessed in Christ. Just say Hey! and Put your All on the Altar.

Hey! By LaShun Pace

Is your All on the Altar - LaShun Pace after burying her daughter

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