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It Only Takes A Spark

2 Kings 19:31: For out of Jerusalem will come a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors.

I'm telling you: God's Word has so much good stuff in it. Doesn't matter how many times you have read it, it speaks to you in different ways, and you get something new so many times.

Today, I was reading about the attack by the Assyrians on Judah. At the time, Hezekiah was king, and he did right in the eyes of the Lord (one of the few kings who actually did so), therefore, God blessed the Kingdom during his reign.

But, at this time, the enemy had come up against them. They were raging about how they were going to beat and take over those in Judah. These were some prideful and arrogant folk, because they wanted everyone to hear that they had conquered the lands that worshipped other gods, and therefore, they were going to conquer this land as well. But, did you notice how I typed it--other gods, but Judah served THE God!

I read the commentary on the above Scripture and loved it, so I wanted to share it with you. It was so encouraging to me.

"As long as a tiny spark remains, a fire can be rekindled and fanned into a roaring blaze. Similarly, if just a small remnant of true believers retains the spark of faith, God can rebuild it into a strong nation. And if only a glimmer of faith remains in a heart, God can use it to restore blazing faith in that believer. If you feel that only a spark of faith remains in you, ask God to use it to rekindle a blazing fire of commitment to Him."

I LOVE it. As it only takes a mustard seed, so it only takes a spark of faith. Doesn't have to be an inferno, doesn't have to be a whole tree. It just takes something small, a beginning, and God can create so much more. As a certain phrase goes that I remember so much, "little becomes much, when we place it in the Master's hands."

May we have a faith that may begin small, but, as we place it in the Lord, may it become a blazing fire of commitment to Him!

BTW, let's just say that the Assyrians didn't win. Will have to write about that another time (smile!)

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