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Be Of Good Cheer!

Poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, wrote: "Into each life, some rain must fall; some days must be dark and dreary". John 16:33 says: "In this world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world... you'll have trouble, but be courageous (have peace) - take heart, I have overcome the world!"

We know that God never promised us a walk on a bed of roses for all of the days our life. It seems like if you are saved, or once you become saved, you have more stormy days than sunshine.... BUT Be of good cheer! The enemy always wants you to Doubt your faith, Doubt your God, Doubt His ability to bring you through. Satan wants you to give up and throw in the towel. He wants you to blame God and wonder 'where are you in my time of need'. My brothers and sisters, DON'T do that! Don't give the enemy ANY victory. Don't let him rejoice in thinking that he has achieved his goal - which is to turn you away from or doubt God.

Our God is Sovereign. He has ABSOLUTE Authority and Influence over Everything in Heaven and on Earth. God is limitless. He is everywhere at all times! There is nothing too hard for Him. There is no problem too big, no pain too deep, no sickness He can't heal, no debt He can't erase, no mountain too high, no valley too low -- He IS, Above all things and Before all things. He IS the Alpha and the Omega - The Beginning and the End. He knows the number of hairs on your head!! He watches out for the birds in the sky and feeds the animals and young ravens (Matthew 6:26) -. certainly, He watches over you. He is already IN your situation, working it out for your good! Jeremiah 29;11, "His plans are to PROSPER you, not to harm you; to GIVE you a FUTURE and a HOPE!" This is the Word of the Lord. Do you believe it? Do you receive it? NAME IT, CLAIM IT, BELIEVE IT, RECEIVE IT! God said it, That settles it, I believe it..... All of these things we quote - But DO YOU BELIEVE?

Even when you think you are falling apart, God is Holding it ALL Together. Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things Hoped for and Evidence of Things NOT SEEN. The process is always the hardest part ---- why do we have to endure the process? -- Why did Christ endure the Cross? He suffered for our salvation. So, when we suffer through our problems - Be of Good Cheer. He has already overcome. Look at your "process" as the path to His Promise. His Promise is always VICTORY! 2 Corinthians 1:20, "Whatever are the promises of God, in Him are yea, and in Him are Amen, for Glory to God by us". He has promised - I Will Never leave you or forsake you. With God, you cannot fail - He is always victorious. What looks like failure or defeat to you, in the natural, is just a setback for setup of His Blessings.

He has promised to Protect you and Strengthen you; He has promised Provision and Peace. Believe it- Receive it!

When the enemy comes against you like a flood, He promised in Isaiah 59:15 that "the spirit of Lord will Lift Up a Standard!" Can you just imagine that? Can you see the Encampment of Angels as described in Psalms 34:7? What is their purpose? They are there to Guard, Deliver, and Defend those who fear Him!

Child of God, you better Square your shoulders, Lift up your chin, Throw your head back, Plant your feet, and Walk briskly and boldly in the FAVOR of the Almighty God! He has already gone before you. He has already worked IT out. Your name is VICTORY. Act like it. You know the saying: "when you are Going Through Hell, Don't STOP! - keep going until you get to the other side". I declare and decree, in the Mighty Name of Jesus: The Blessings of Lord - Peace, surpassing understanding; Faith in Knowing that God is in control, Spiritual enrichment. I pray that Every Dry place and space in your life will flow like Milk and Honey, Your Children will be made whole (mind, body, and spirit), Your home will be a place of peace and joy, Your relationships with friends/family will be restored to the what is pleasing unto God, Your cups will be filled until they overflow! Be of GOOD Cheer - God has Overcome the World!

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