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Meet Janine 

Doctor, Author and Inspirational Speaker 

Dr. Janine Scott is a Board Certified Family Physician who has practiced for close to 25 years. She has practiced both in the private sector, and for the Federal Government. Currently, she has shifted from full-time clinical medicine, and works via telemedicine. Dr. Scott is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians.

Are you ready to get a dose of positive? 

These are positive and encouraging messages to help you thrive.

Doctor Janine wants you well... physically, spiritually and emotionally! 

The Right Prescription

The Right Prescription with Dr. Janine Scott. Today, we are diving deep into the pits of depression to lift you up and out. Dr. Janine Scott tells us that just because we are a believer doesn't mean depression won't come after us. After many years in the medical field as a physician, Dr. Janine experienced depression in her own life. She shares her story and gives us inspiration to help those who are experiencing emotional distress. In today's show and through her powerful book, "The Right Prescription," Dr. Janine helps us to see our way out of the dark. Offering insight that brings light to the darkest situations, Dr. Janine Scott says, "If you feel depressed, you are not alone. There is help and hope for you."

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